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Sinopec TPG to bid for beauty chemical giant

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Early in the ticket reservation, check-in, but was told, plane full, they can't. 11, changsha two going by hainan airlines flight to jinan passengers suffered such a thing. What is this? Hainan airlines explanation, saying, it is because the flight ticket has been put, late is no machine, this kind of practice is international convention.

Passenger: bought tickets on the plane. No

ZhangYinSheng May 7 was ordered to 11 for the flight ticket, jinan HU7227. 11 10:40 PM, he and his friend to huanghua airport Chen tao two successively, boarding pass, airport in lead staff told them, aircraft was full, can't handle passes. The two ShaLeYan, "have booked a flight ticket, how can filled?" The perennial fly ZhangYinSheng said or first met such a thing, and the breath again nasty, the changes made originally arranged schedule, including booking all disrupted air will change good return. In the lobby, has staff to explain them, saying, it is because the ticket has been sold, flight ticket out of the seat. Now, can give them upgrade procedures, and the economic compensation to 200 yuan to give their trip, at the same time, the impact of apology. "I advance booking airline 4 days, why not exceed sales? They tell me too contrived explanation." ZhangYinSheng thinks, the airline only consider its own interests, but serious harm to the interests of the customer. After a few hours of coordination, finally they reached an agreement with the airport, given by the price of 100% of the compensation, ticket upgrade at 6 o 'clock in the afternoon flight, and in the airport hotel for two rooms offer rest.

Airlines: that's international practice, prevent they seat

What is super sales ticket? Hainan airlines marcom officials explained, often appear not purchase or passenger ticket booking after after airline in the circumstances give travel, causing the seat they. To meet the needs of passengers travel more and avoid the waste of airline seats, airlines will appear in part to the seat on flight, they sell proper super. This approach for passengers and airlines are useful, but also international aviation industry. However, doing this will certainly such a question: if a 120 flight, 122 zhang even more to sell tickets booking, so all the passengers arrived? The chief says, it can only be dealt with according to the boarding time has to decide, then people will probably not ascend machine. In compensation, if because of overbooking cannot be caused, the priority of the arrangement for the passengers are subsequent flight ticket refund less difference, not much. If subsequent flight from the regulation and stood by the passenger ticket flights from standing in the prescribed time interval within 4 hours, which will give the par value of 30% compensation, In less than four hours, 8 hours will give the price 60% of compensation, 8 hours to 100% of the compensation. The amount of compensation below 200 yuan, according to the standard of 200 yuan to make compensation.

Suggestion: tickets sold shall inform passengers super beforehand

ZhangYinSheng ticket sales in details about the regulation after the super understand that, he says, the phenomenon of the existing super sale specially, airlines flight tickets should inform the flight may exceed sales, thus let customers have a choice, it is easier to allow passengers to accept, and now there are many passengers may not know about this ticket sold over there. Lawyer xu, sale as plays hall to passenger airlines didn't explain the ticket sold "super sale" nature, deprived of the right to options, and the passengers in clear violation of legitimate rights and interests. According to understand, foreign airlines ticket sales have "super" practice, but the passenger ticket, buy airline tickets must inform passengers "super", buy and sell not buy decision, the passengers in the code of federal regulations, each carrier should post "overbooking notice", and the "notice" will be printed in the ticket, or in another ticket enclosed with a piece of paper. For overseas sales for the super beforehand, hainan airlines said will be in this direction diligently. "But that might be a bit difficult." Officials said.